Sunday, November 19, 2006


1. Ever since Japan build dedicated railway lines for high speed travel released as “Shinkansen”, a network of Japanese bullet train which opened in 1964, the whole world has entered a new era of public transportation (Biello, 2004).

As Biello wrote in 2004, Japan’s has changed the way of former public transportation around the world after its building of “Shinkansen,” a new system of high speed bullet trains which released in 1964.

2. Every country has been working on building similar system as Japans had, for example, France, Germany…etc(Lynch, 1998).

According to Lynch in 1998, France, Germany and many other countries now are imitating on building alike Japanese railway system.

3. However, according to the TTN traveler (Vol.290 2002), Taiwanese domestic airline company, TransAsia, does have difficulties dealing with the loss of customers since the high-speed railway will strike the capacity in the near future.

The magazine, TTN traveler, has reported that the business market of TrasAsia, a Taiwanese domestic airline company, is now in inferior position due to the fact that the high speed railway’s threat to domestic airline industry might cause low customer capacity to their business.


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