Sunday, October 22, 2006

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this study is that I want to throw attention to the oncoming of the High speed railways. There are so many ways to commute around Taiwan. People can either drive according to the high way signs or take public transportations, for example, trains, buses, and of course, planes. In the end of 2006, Taiwan High Speed Rail is going to make its debut. Differs from the Mass Rapid Transportation in Taipei, the High Speed provides routes all around Taiwan, just like trains. However, it is very possible that the benefit of High Speed Rail’s quickness and convenience will strike the market of Taiwanese domestic airlines. The outcome that customers may turn to other choices instead of taking airplane is about to cause loss of the airline company. Therefore, by discussing the issue I will be using the problem-solution method as a resource to relieve its crisis and find out a solution to keep the profit of the airline company balanced.


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