Sunday, October 01, 2006

1.Listing of words / Questions

Taiwanese airline companies
Rising price of crude oil in each unit
 Airport safety / examination /Terrorists
High peak / low peak season (slack)
Aircraft / airplane maintenance
Artificial / natural => irresistible / resistant
Promotion / cooperation with other industries / development
Too many airlines competing with each other
Human resources / training
The supply (exceeds / unable to meet) the demand
The quality of flight attendant / health
Long term prospect =/= unstable , unsteady => switch to other business/ field
Air crash /
Internal / oversea / Airplane tickets fare
High Speed Railroad / Mass Rapid Transportation
Timetable delay
Services of the airlines:attitude / meal / facilities

air cargo (industry) (market) (services)/ aircraft passenger cargo

2.Preliminary Outline

I. Introduction:
Recently, Taiwanese airline industry has been suffering from losing customers. The research is mainly focus on the reasons for the decreasing of customers. Problem-solution method will be mentioned in order to improve the capacity.

II. Body:
A. Economic factors
1. rising price of crude oil
2. competing between airline companies
B. Social factors
1. terrorism
2. high peak / low peak season
C. Other factors
1. quality of the airline companies
D. Solution
1. promotion / cooperation with other industry in order to boost the occupancy rate

III. Conclusion
There are many factors to affect the capacity rate of Taiwanese airline industry. The reasons contain in varies, such as economical factors, social factors and others. How to release the phenomenon, indeed, to promote the growth of development becomes the issue.

3. Thesis:
Since Taiwanese airline companies are facing the crisis of losing customers, these Taiwanese airline companies should attract consumers’ attention by adding up customer value in relationship management.

The local TAIWAN HIGH SPEED RAIL CORP. is currently gearing-up to build a new high-speed railway line in Taiwan. In so doing, the company recently awarded a construction contract to an international consortium.
The partners in the planned undertaking include HYUNDAI ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION of South Korea in conjunction with CHUNG LIN of Taiwan and ZEN PACIFIC of Hong Kong. According to the terms of the award, the partnership will be responsible for building a 23.44 km section of the planned 327 km-long bullet railway linking Taipei and Kaoshung.


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The idea is there, but I think the problem-solution is too big a task for you. In terms of expertise and knowledge, you don't have enough knowledge on how to offer the best possible solutions to the problem.

Before you offer solutions, think of your thesis first. You are leaping ahead without figuring out what your stand is on this issue.

You have good questions. Answer them and perhaps you could find one sentence that offers a proposition to this problem.

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